Born and raised in Saegertown, PA I’m a country boy at heart. I’m happiest on the golf course but relish any time spent in the great outdoors. Traveling has deeply affected my life. In college I studied finance at Cologne University in Germany and Lingnan University in Hong Kong and maintain many friendships from those times abroad. In addition to that I’m happily married to my wife Yasmin who I met in Rio de Janiero in 2016. We travel to Brazil frequently to visit her family and friends. In 2016 I completed a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail with my brother Scott. (All of the landscape photos you see on this website were taken on that trip.)


My journey to becoming an investment advisor was a lifelong realization. I got introduced to “virtual” investing when I was 12 years old and I opened up an offshore brokerage account in the Bahamas on my 18th birthday. I studied finance and economics formally and on 3 different continents while learning on my own. At 24 I made the decision that I was ready to manage money and that Wall Street wasn’t the place for me. Instead, I started Millennial Money Management LLC in 2016 which is now Brookhouse Advisors. Since then I have continued my education and maintain 3 professional designations.


To help men and women integrate their financial and spiritual lives.
To help introduce and encourage a stewardship mentality about money.
To bring clients from fear and frustration and into confidence and contentment.


My worldview is my ultimate core belief. As a Christian, I believe in a personal
Creator who created me to be in relationships with others for all eternity.
I believe the Bible is the word of God. I believe the Bible speaks authoritatively about money.
I believe that Biblical wisdom is transcendent, always right, always relevant, and never going to change.

I am not a perfect Christian. I am not a Bible expert.
I only strive to share the wisdom and principles that the Bible teaches as it relates to money.